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Sports Massage Therapy


Sports Massage Therapy sessions comprise of a 15 - 20 minute postural assessment during your first appointment followed by a 60 minute Sports Massage. You are able to opt for a lighter massage should you wish, however often this type of massage is stronger and provides therapeutic outcomes to clients that include postural correction, an easing of injuries, release of tight muscles and an improvement in function of the lymphatic system which helps to flush away toxins, increases readiness for exercise and
improves recovery time post massage.

Sports Massage Therapy is carried out at a home clinic, however if you prefer I can arrange for you to be seen at a public therapy centre. Ultrasound Therapy is now also available this uses ultrasound technology to warm tissues superficially up to 2cms deep beneath the skin or deeper up to 5 or 6cms. Ultrasound has been found to reduce pain through increasing blood flow and range of movement in otherwise difficult to reach tissues, ligaments, muscles and tendons that lie deep under the skin.

Hot Wax Therapy also available this is particularly good for those with arthritic conditions.

Cupping Therapy available from February 2023


Contact Emma Barwise, Sports Massage Therapist to book your treatment on 07864374589 

Cancellation Policy
Same day cancellation full amount is due, 24 hours notice 50% is due 

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